1. Troubleshooting FAQs

1. How do I turn off the audible “beep” indicator when controlling fan speed with the controller?

  • We have received feedback from customers and we are working to make this a toggle option. More information to be provided at a later date.

2. My fan is loud and wobbly.

  • Check that all blade and blade arm screws are secured. If blade wobble is still noticeable, interchanging two adjacent (side by side) blades can redistribute the weight and possibly result in smoother operation.

3. The light kit on the fan is not working.

  • 120VAC LED module may be independently powered to ensure fully function module.
  • Review electrical connections to light kit and receivers.

4. My fan does not respond to the wall control but light kit is functional.

  • Review fan and receiver wiring as per product instructions and ensure Motor, Red, Yellow and Gray wires are properly connected. If you are still experiencing problems please contact customer support.

5. I don’t see the fan lights in my Modern Forms app.

  • Turn off power to fan for 30sec via circuit breaker or wall control On-Off Switch. Restore power to the fan and attempt to control.

6. How do I reboot (power cycle) my fan using the wall switch?

  • Under normal operation the Fan button will turn your fan on or off. The On-Off pull tab located under the Reverse button can be used to power off your fan in case of emergency, although it is not necessary for normal fan operation.

7. How do I control my fan with the Nest Thermostat?

  • If your system has a separate fan wire, you’ll be able to turn your fan on without turning on your heating or cooling system. You can also set a schedule to have your fan turn on regularly to circulate the air in your home.
  • Your Nest Thermostat offers a simple way to turn the fan on whenever you want. For example, you can set the fan to run all night and automatically turn off in the morning. Or you could schedule it to run for a few hours in the afternoon when the kids get home from school.

8. How do I disable my Modern Forms Smart Fan Wi-Fi Signal?

  • Remove power from the device. This may be at the circuit breaker, or by pulling to ON/OFF switch on the wall control (if the fan input wire is connected to the wall control Red output wire).

2. Modern Forms app FAQs

1. I am having trouble pairing my Modern Forms Smart Fan.

  • Ensure you are connected to your local WiFi network, power cycle your fan, restart the Modern Forms app and attempt pairing process. If the problem persists, please contact us and have the Modern Forms Smart Fan MAC address readily available. The MAC address can be found on the fan receiver.

2. I installed multiple fans and cannot determine which fan I am pairing.

  • Complete the pairing process for each fan and adjust fan light levels and speed for identification and then edit names/photos through the app settings > devices.

3. I am having issues with my fan light/speed adjustments in the Modern Forms app.

  • Confirm that the app is up to date with the latest Modern Forms app from the App Store or Google Play. If the bug remains, contact customer support.

4. What features are available with the Modern Forms app?

  • Scheduling, grouping fans, adaptive learning, away mode and more

5. Can I change which fan is paired with my smart thermostat?

  • Through Modern Forms app integration, one or multiple fans may be selected for use with your smart thermostat.

6. How do I connect my fan to a new router?

  • Prior to new router installation, we recommend performing a factory reset on the fan.
  • To reconnect the fan to the Modern Forms app, tap ‘+’ in the app.
  • Note: Factory reset will remove any schedules or programmed features. Record or write down schedules that you want to reprogram before performing factory reset.

7. How do I get my Modern Forms Smart Fan to work with a smart thermostat?

  • With your Modern Forms account, you can pair your Modern Forms products with your smart thermostats to increase energy savings and live more comfortably. When your Modern Forms Smart Fan is connected with a smart thermostat, they work together to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • To pair your Modern Forms Smart Fan(s) with a smart thermostat, sign into your Modern Forms account and make sure your fans are connected to the account. See the “Integration” section of the Modern Forms app instructions for a step by step guide.
  • Note: Modern Forms Smart Fans currently work with Nest Learning Thermostats and ecobee smart thermostats. We will publicize any new integrations as they become available.

8. I don’t see the fan lights in my Modern Forms app.

  • Turn off power to fan for 30sec via circuit breaker or wall control On-Off Switch. Restore power to the fan and attempt to control.

9. I continue to be asked about Google Home permissions. How can I correct this to link with my Modern Forms account?

  • Within the Google Home app, navigate to settings > [Device Name], and ensure that Personal Results is turned on.

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